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“A transformational leadership guide, straight from the life of Jesus.” -John Stahl-Wert, Co-author, The Serving Leader

Jesus influenced thousands of people during his three-year stint of ministry. But more importantly, he focused on developing a handful of disciples who turned his vision into a global movement. How did Jesus do it without position or title? Why was his leadership point of view largely informed by serving and self-denial? How did Jesus infuse his passion and purpose into the hearts of his followers? In A Serving Leader’s Devotional, I help you discover some answers by closely examining both the teachings and example of Jesus Christ.

As founder and former field director of a non-profit organization, I’ve learned leadership through experience and the pursuit of my greatest leadership role model ever—Jesus Christ. Looking at the Gospel of Matthew through the lens of serving leadership, I share practical insights that will help you discover how Jesus:

• Ultimately served his Audience of One
• Focused on a few to impact the many
• Stayed aligned with his mission
• Developed and empowered new leaders
• Dealt with temptation, opposition, and rejection

SIGNUP: Serving Leadership Insight

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MATTHEW 4:4, 7b, & 10b

“Jesus answered, ‘It is written: Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God…Do not put the Lord your God to the test…Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’” 

In Matthew 4:1–11, Jesus was confronted with three big temptations that every leader will face. First he was tempted to turn stones into bread. But Jesus would not instantly gratify his desires, using his leadership to get for himself whatever he wanted in the moment. Next he was tempted to throw himself off the temple. Imagine Jesus gliding down as a superman in front of everyone. But he wouldn’t use his leadership to make a name for himself; rather, Jesus used his God-given abilities to make his Father famous. And finally, Jesus was tempted to bow down before the devil in exchange for the kingdoms of this world. Although he had come to restore the Kingdom to his Father, he would not use his leadership to take a shortcut to success. Instead, he took the long hard road of the cross rather than sell his soul to the devil. Serving leaders reject instant gratification, leading for popularity’s sake, and shortcuts to success.

KEY QUESTIONS: How has the temptation of instant gratification affected me? Does popular opinion ever affect the decisions I make? Have I ever taken a shortcut to success? If so, was it ultimately successful?

Oriented in the Biblical text, all prayers in this resource will equip you to pray God’s way. This booklet is a tool for declaring God’s truth over your children. Prepare them to receive the good news of Jesus Christ and embrace life’s challenges by praying Scripture prayers. When praying the text, you can know with full assurance that you are praying what is on the heart of God.

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This booklet is a tool for declaring God’s truth over peoples living in falsehood. Through prayer, you can cultivate the rocky soil of hearts resistant to the Gospel and prepare entire people groups to receive the good news of Jesus Christ. With the knowledge of God’s desire for all peoples to know him (1 Timothy 2:4, Revelation 7:9), pray in faith, claiming unreached peoples for the Kingdom of God. All prayers in this resource are oriented in the Biblical text. Praying Scripture is praying God’s way. When praying the text, you can know with full assurance that you are praying that which is on God’s heart.

Prayer works! Prayer is work! Prayer leads to work! Prayer is the work!

Click here for a FREE PDF version of this book in English and here for this resource in other languages.


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725 Newgate Ln Apt C, Prospect Heights, IL 60070


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Select me as your speaker, and I will give you my best effort. See me as a catalyst or facilitator that will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your event. When you win, I win, It’s as simple as that. I’m here to serve you in life’s journey.


A venue for the event should be chosen with the target audience in mind. All-day or half-day workshops are ideally hosted in rooms where food can be served and participants can gather around tables for group dialogue and breakout sessions (click on links for preferred room setup: round/long tables). All venues should be suited for multi-media presentations and wired for sound.

Once a date and presentation topic have been confirmed for an event, the venue name and address along with a contact phone number should be submitted for advertisement purposes. I can provide advertising media for all events including online registration if needed.



A room featuring a multi-media projector with 3000 lumens or greater is preferred for all events. I will use my own projector when one is not available. Please note that for most presentations and workshops I need my laptop at the front of the venue from where I’ll be speaking. My system can accommodate VGA/HDMI cables. I can also supply an Apple TV for systems that require wireless projection from the front. Most of my presentations are designed for widescreen (16:9).

For audio I prefer a lapel or Countryman microphone. For presentation/video audio I can supply my own speaker for groups under 100 people. For larger groups I need a mic cord (to plug into my direct box) or an audio cable (3.5mm mini stereo) that plugs directly into my laptop.

Replace lecterns and pulpits with a small table or stand on which to place a laptop. Standard telescoping music stands are ideal.

For workshops, have a flip chart or white board available with markers in several colors.

An eight-foot table should be available on which to place books, CDs, DVDs, and other resources for sale. Cash, checks, and credit cards are all accepted.


I do not charge a set fee when speaking at non-profit events. However, donations are welcome to support my family and cover bills. The suggested donation amount is $500/day for each day I’m on the trip plus travel expenses. If I’m within a few hours of an event I will drive (suggested reimbursement of $250), otherwise, I typically fly (if within the USA, $500). I fly out of Chicago, IL and typically purchase my own tickets; a reimbursement check made out to “Luke Kuepfer” can be mailed to 725 Newgate Lane, Apartment C, Prospect Heights, IL 60070.


I’d be delighted to come to your event and speak. I typically keep my events within a 1-3 day time period due to commitments to my family; anything over this length of time is generally reserved for international travel. Workshops can be facilitated as whole-day or half-day events. My multi-part series can be easily held over a weekend, beginning Friday night and ending Sunday morning or beginning Sunday morning and ending Monday evening.

About MeAbout Me

Speaker, author, and life coach.

Born in Ontario, Canada, I moved to El Salvador at age 4 to live as a missionary kid for three years. At age nineteen I moved to Alberta, Canada where I taught school for three years. After leading several short term teams to Asia focused on unreached people groups, I married Amy from Northern Indiana and lived in that area for a year and a half. In 1997, we moved with our infant daughter Brittany to Thailand where I served as
director of Global Tribes Outreach. During our ten-year stint in Southeast Asia, God blessed us with two more children—Courtney and Jamin. In 2008 we moved back to North America and bought our first house in Kentucky, USA. I acquired a Masters in Christian Leadership from Asbury Theological Seminary in 2014 and began to travel both domestically and internationally to develop leaders. In 2019, with all three of our children in college and our eldest married, Amy and I moved to Prospect Heights, IL. Amy works for Prayercast and I continue to develop leaders in both the business and non-profit arenas.

As a leadership developer and life coach I help non-profit and business leaders understand how to maximize their God-given potential to lead and serve others. I am the author of A Serving Leader’s Devotional and the President of the Reverb Network.


I’ve spoken broadly on personal & global mission, leadership, team building, and numerous Biblical subjects over the last 20 years on four continents and numerous states and provinces in the USA and Canada.

I am committed to a Biblical worldview and dedicated to motivating the church toward missional thinking and practice in all areas of life. I believe that everyone has a God-given purpose to love and serve others like Jesus. I firmly believe that having our thinking challenged is not enough; it must be translated into change.


I have heard from other staff members who agree with me, this was one of the best/productive workshops we've attended.

Dan Domer
Staff Member, Covenant Church, Winterville, NC

Your talk rocked my world.  

Qian Wang
Perspectives Student, College Station, TX

Luke Kuepfer’s high-energy presentation of the material was delightful, articulate, and profound! If you are looking for a fresh and life-changing look at Jesus’ servant leadership model, look no further! Give Luke a call!

Don Showalter
President, Hearts Alive!

Luke is a dynamic speaker with the gift of clearly articulating Biblical truths in an easy-to-understand manner. He speaks in humility but with authority, and injects his message with the experience and global perspective gained from living abroad as a missionary for many years.

Santosh David Poonen
Elder, River of Life Christian Fellowship, Loveland, CO

Luke’s enthusiasm and passion for the local church and its impact in the community is inspiring. I highly recommend his teaching and ministry!  

Clarence Miller
Deacon, Sharon Mennonite Church

“Transformational” is the one word I would use to describe the seminar. Luke has a true gift in communicating God’s truths with clarity and passion.

Joe Bacher
Pastor, Foothills Fellowship Westminster, SC

Luke is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, presenting the interactive material creatively. It is a unique presentation unlike the usual “leadership seminars” taught from the front. Luke presents it with expertise, fun, and interest in each attendee.

David Livingstone
Regional Manager, North-East & Mid-Atlantic Region, The JESUS Film Project

Luke really has an incredible way of captivating everyone’s attention and making a seminar meaningful. He speaks from his heart and lives what he preaches. As a result of this Encounter we’re taking our family to Southeast Asia on a two-month mission trip with the possibility of moving there long-term.

Lloyd & Mary Ellen Esh
Pastor, New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship New Holland, PA



Years Lived Abroad
Countries Visited
14-ers Climbed in CO
Places Lived
2014 - 2020


Presentations and workshops in both non-profit and business venues around the world on leadership, people skills, and life purpose.

2011- 2013


Masters Degree in Christian Leadership.

2009 - 2010


Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Studies.

1997 - 2008


Founded and served as Field Director of Global Tribes Outreach (GTO), a non-profit organization based in Southeast Asia committed to church planting and social work.

1994 - 1996


Floor finishing in concrete construction and equipment operator on a cash crop farm.

1990 - 1993


Taught elementary through high school students in a self-directed learning environment.